Eddie Rivera guests on new episode of "Danny Rivera: The Advocate" 


Eddie "Rocky" Rivera (aka Eddie ROCK),  Danny Rivera's father,  has been in the music and movie industry for many years.  Apart from being a recording artist, music producer, and music artist manager, Eddie also is an accomplished cinematographer, movie editor and screenplay writer whose full list of credits can be found on IMDb.  Join us as Eddie talks about his career in music and movies and his upcoming plans. 

(Note:  This episode was recorded at the LI News Radio studios last Tuesday 2/14/13 and will be aired on 103.9 WRCN-FM - also streaming live at LI News Radio this Friday and Saturday night from 10-11 PM EST.  Also check it out below on our YouTube channel!)

Fred "Link" Ayler guests on new episode of "Danny Rivera: The Advocate" 


Fred "Link" Ayler,  a radio show host, recording artist and music label owner from Long Island, NY, was the special in-studio guest on yesterday afternoon's taping of "Danny Rivera: The Advocate."  This episode will air next Friday & Saturday March 3rd and 4th from 10-11 PM EST on LI News Radio which is 103.9 WRCN-FM broadcast out of Long Island's MacArthur Airport.  You can listen to Fred every Tuesday night live on WRCN from 6-7 PM EST as he co-hosts the excellent "Street Legal" radio program together with Bob Mecedonio.   Also be sure to follow Fred on Instagram at Link the God King.

Danny "Enjetic" Rivera Guests on Ryan Verneuille's Internationally-Syndicated Radio Program "The Ryan Show FM"


Last night, Danny Rivera was a live call-in guest on Ryan Verneuille's internationally-syndicated radio program "The Ryan Show FM," which is broadcast live and heard every Thursday night from 10 PM to midnight EST on Dedham, Massachusetts' WZBR Urban Heat 98.1 FM (which is broadcast from and serves the Boston, MA area) and independently syndicated on over 250 additional radio outlets throughout the world.  These stations include WTSX Power 104.9 FM in Kokomo, Indiana and Fox Sports 1280 in Rochester, NY.  Danny will be debuting his new Tuesday night "D&A Live FM" radio program on Tuesday, February 21 from 9-11 PM EST on WTSX, and will also soon be beginning work as an independent journalist, reporter and co-host on Fox Sports 1280.

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D&A Live to Debut in a New Format on WTSX Power 104.9 in Indiana 


Danny and Althea's popular weekly television broadcast on Bobby La Serra's Strong Island Entertainment channel, which is currently livestreamed every Sunday night from 8-9 PM EST and rebroadcast the following Friday at midnight on Optimum TV channel 115, will be debuting in a new format on Kokomo, Indiana's WTSX Power 104.9 FM as "D&A Live FM" on Tuesday, February 21 from 9-11 PM EST.  While the Strong Island broadcast will continue as-is, "D&A Live FM" will be an entirely new weekly livestream featuring guest interviews, hot new music in Hip-Hop and R&B featuring independent and mainstream artists, and breaking news and events.  While the new show will feature many of the elements of the original one, a particular focus will be on promoting talented Hip-Hop and R&B artists from all across the United States. 

Danny and Althea's "The Advocate" radio show debuts on 103.9 WRCN-FM


Friday, February 3rd saw the debut of Danny Rivera and Althea Douvlos's brand-new radio show "Danny Rivera: The Advocate" on 103.9 WRCN-FM (aka LI News Radio), which is broadcast from Long Island, New York's MacArthur Airport.  The show will be similar in format to "D&A Live," featuring guest interviews and news with a particular emphasis on featuring new music from independent R&B and Hip-Hop artists from across the United States.   

Each show will be divided into four segments.  The first segment will consist of Danny and Althea discussing current problems in our society.  The second segment will focus on advocating for positive change and solutions to the aforementioned problems through various means including bringing together community leaders, talking about laws and politics, and more.  Also discussed will be Danny's own "Color Blind" which is a human rights organization whose goal is to promote peace in the world through enactment of new New York State and Federal legislation.  The third segment will shift to current news and events in the world of entertainment.  The fourth segment, entitled "Giving You Your Roses," will specifically break new music from independent artists in all genres with a positive message within its lyrics and content.  The main goal of this segment will be to attempt to implement positive change in today's youth through the power of music.  

The Advocate can be heard every Friday and Saturday evening from 10-11 PM EST.  

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